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[anon post] Autism Spectrum: quiz

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Pop quiz!

1. What’s a curebie?

2. What’s wrong with functioning labels?

3. You’re not ready if you can’t give a definition for at least four or five of these (let’s say five if your autistic’s a viewpoint or really important to the story, four otherwise):

4. Which one of these isn’t something you can call an autistic?
a. Autist
b. Aspie
c. Square
d. Dandelion
e. Person with autism
f. Protist

5. What’s the difference between Kanner’s research subjects and Asperger’s?
a. Asperger’s could speak
b. Kanner’s had self-care delays
c. Asperger’s lived in Europe
d. Kanner’s had cognitive impairment

1. “Curebie” means somebody that wants to cure autism. Mostly NT, with a few autistics. If autistic politics had parties like a country, they’d be the curebies and the neurodiversity advocates. Curebies are basically the face of autism to your typical NT, and your typical autism argument boils down to autistic adults on one side saying they like who they are thanks, and NT parents of little kids on the other saying their kids have trouble doing stuff. Oh, and curebies don’t like to be called that. Everybody else calls them curebie, though. That doesn’t have to be your answer, but if I just said anything you don’t know already, you fail, do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not keep taking this test. I’m serious.

2. Look, you don’t have to hate them, you just have to know why some people do. People (NT parents and “experts”) call you LFA or HFA and if you’re LFA they mean you can’t talk or work or do anything at all and if you’re HFA you’re a genius and autism will never ever cause you problems so of course you can’t say anything about LFAs. Usually it’s a curebie saying the people that don’t want a cure are all HFA and anyway it’s only LFAs that need cured. Even if the autistic saying they don’t want a cure can’t talk or remember to do things like go to the bathroom before they pee their pants they’re still HFA just because they can tell you they don’t want a cure. The other problem is that they’re too simple, autistics can be really low-functioning one day and way better the next. And I’m not saying you fail the test if you think functioning labels are still okay if they got used differently, but you fail if you never even thought of this. Automatic fail if this is new, quit the test now.

3. Definitions:

Self-stimulatory behavior. “Stereotyped and repetitive motor mannerism” (again with the value judgments! Quit it, knock it off!) just means stuff like flapping, rocking, skin-picking, rubbing things, smelling things, whatever. If you don’t get that etymology it’s because it doesn’t make any sense. NTs named stims after what they thought they were seeing. Sometimes it’s right and sometimes it’s not and sometimes we just have to use the words they gave us.

Low-functioning autistic and high-functioning autistic.

Neurotypical. Basically not autistic. Sometimes instead it means normal-brained and there are different kinds of people that aren’t NT. Sometimes then they use allistic to mean anything that isn’t autistic.

Echopraxia is mimicking people’s body language.

Broader autism phenotype is a gray area where you’re not really NT and you’re not really autistic. And then some people call you that if you really are autistic but you have a good life because you can’t be autistic if you can function.

You don’t auto-fail for missing one. Let’s say you can miss two if you get every single other thing you could possibly get.

4. f Protist is a kind of thing that isn’t a plant and it isn’t an animal either. Square is a metaphor Bev uses and dandelion is something somebody suggested on WrongPlanet a couple years ago. I didn’t really expect you to get this one right. But you auto-fail if you answered autist or Aspie. You don’t auto-fail if you didn’t think autistics ever used person-first language, but some do and some do sometimes.

5. c. Asperger’s lived in Europe. For some reason people get confused. “Autism the thing with speech delay isn’t the same as Asperger’s the thing without it” is a real position real people can actually believe (they’re still wrong but at least it’s not open and shut). “Kanner’s patients were different than Asperger’s” is a totally different question. And it’s wrong. I don’t care if you think there are two different things and one of them makes LFAs and the other one makes HFAs (I do care, you auto-fail if you think that, not for thinking functioning labels make sense but for thinking there are exactly two really distinct functioning-level based groups) if that’s true then Kanner and Asperger studied the same mix of each group, mmkay? Bonus: look up Kanner’s actual notes. He did follow up studies and you can see what the kids were like when they grew up.

Oh and one more thing. If you write something really faily I’ll get ranty at you on tumblr, but if you got this far you probably won’t. I’m not the magical supreme arbiter of whether you can write about stuff but if you pass the test and you think you get it then go for it. And I’m not just saying that because you’re writers and you can’t stop writers. I really mean go for it and I can’t wait to read it!
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